Gosh! It’s so good to be back,
Her school definitely has the knack,
To lift your spirits,
And sharpen your wits,

I hope it has the same effect on my baby,
She perks up and stops being crabby,

I know she has a tougher fight,
Against all those medicines which are in no way light,

But I know she will surface,
Against all odds she’ll fight her case,

I know she’ll get a hold on her life,
Dispel the challenges that are now rife,

I know she will emerge,
I know in life she will surge,

These are just little hiccups on the way,
Little patches before a brighter day,

I know she will be a shining example,
For all the people who’ve had their lives trampled,

I see her in the days to come,
Addressing people, inspiring some,
With her story of trials and tribulations,
But mostly tales of life’s celebrations