I don’t know if work from home is such a good idea,
Or is it just another hype like the various they have on media,

Working from home is not good for either,
For one working or the home bodies taking a breather,

What’s the use of being at home,
When you can’t scream, shout or in your own house roam,

What’s the use of being at home,
Certainly when you just can’t feel at home,

It’s the same or should I say other story for the one working from home,
When s/he has to face the housework syndrome,
Just when s/he needs to go into an important call,
A shrill shriek emanates from wifey dear who’s having a ball,

Oh the house is so much better when the bread earner is off to office,
The rest of us can be ourselves and not engage in a clammed up practice