I dream of scampering feet,
I dream of high pitched hellos as they greet,

I dream of constant ringing of the phone,
And door slammed shut to be on her own,

I dream of disapproving the hot pants,
Telling them to grow up and stop being infants,

I dream of toning down the volume,
Of passing stern looks as they fret and fume,

I dream of telling them to be back home on time,
Just be at home and read sometime,

I dream of hearing giggles coming from her room,
When her friends are over supposedly to discuss the events that occurred in the classroom,

I dream of seeing her gush over her latest crush,
Going all soft and mush,

I dream of seeing her swell with pride,
After taking the swimming tournament in her stride,

I dream of the day when on her own she walks,
I dream of the day when she talks