My baby is a true family person,
For most family gatherings she’s the reason,

You should see her face light up with glee,
Every time the house is full and lively,

June is her special month,
When folks gather to shower her with their warmth,
It’s like the highlight of her vacation,
When the house is brimming with loved ones and their affection,

This year is no different,
She’s all geared up and ardent,
Just a week away from the big day,
The excitement her grin seemed to betray,

Oh my little girl,
When will your maturity unfurl,
When will you grow up,
When will you sober up,

On second thoughts do I really want you to mellow,
Do I want you subdued and to lie low,

No! I love your innocence,
I love your simplicity and cadence,
I love the child in you,
Always remain this pure and true