There’s a flurry of activities,
A surge of energy for the festivities,
My baby’s calendar is all chalked out,
With birthdays, carnivals and what not,

Not to say she’s super excited,
All geared up and very delighted,

It begins today with a birthday bash,
And the celebrations will continue right into the new year splash,

Tomorrow is her big school carnival,
And she can’t seem to wait for its arrival,
She will partake in a groovy dance,
Today I got a glimpse of her sway and prance,

Of course there are stalls to oversee,
She’s got responsibilities, big girl you see,
She takes her duties very seriously,
I can only imagine her earnestness had she been whole really,

There are more birthdays in the coming days,
Then Christmas, new year, and a trip to nani’s place,

She sure loves this time of the year,
Celebrations with people she holds dear