I have pain at the base of my thumb,
And I’m talking about my left thumb,
But people around me conveniently construed it was because of me playing on the phone,
Which has brought this calamity to my thumb bone,

I however know the cause of the strain,
It’s lifting weight which has brought upon this pain,

But people just need an excuse,
My playing time on the phone to reduce,
So when my thumb began to hurt,
They pounced on the chance and my game subvert,

Earlier they blamed the game for my headaches,
Now it is my thumb that the game breaks,

I don’t think the phone has anything to do with it,
Leave alone the game the least bit,
BUT if at all the phone is the culprit,
Then just the game alone can’t be blamed in it,

The phone is held and used in the same way,
Be it for a game or picture or poem I’d say,
Then why single out the poor little game,
When the way you use your hand or thumb is the same?