I guess I am now over the hill,
How else do you explain having to take lifestyle pill,
The body can no longer cope with stress,
It internalizes each and every distress,

When I was younger I had a different way,
That is to deal with stress I’d say,
It was more to externalize if there’s such a word,
And out of my system it was spurred,

In vices I’d give it vent,
A little indulgence is what I meant,
But it found a way out,
Raised the spirit and in smoke fizzled out,

Now I keep it all contained,
And it’s making me strained,
In fact now I can even curb my temper,
But it’s no good my health is what it does hamper,

Restrain is not my cup of tea I guess,
It just holds on to all the stress,
I am a ‘let go’ person I guess,
Drown down all my stress,

I guess I am not the types to rein in,
Curb, curtail, check only keeps the stress in,
I need to unbridle I guess,
It will help let out all the stress!