Often you relate the young with being stubborn,
They don’t listen, are obstinate and sometimes taciturn,

It’s a teen thing you might say,
Today’s perhaps just another moody day,
As parents and elders we often compartmentalize,
We think we know it all and are wise,

But when I look back at my own teen days,
They were perhaps my most ‘alive’ days,
I was most receptive then,
To ideas, thoughts and dare say had remarkable acumen,

But then I was also stubborn,
Then how could I be receptive and open?

Perhaps I was open to learn new things,
So that I could internalise them and open my wings,

Perhaps I was open to new experiences,
To grow and enhance my nuances,

But I wasn’t open to do as told,
And revelled in being known as bold,

Yes, I was open to experiment new things,
As long as some excitement it brings,
But the same thing if told to do,
I would clamp up and bid adieu,

This is not true to only the young,
I don’t know why around them this tag is hung,
It’s true more for the older lot,
When they become rigid, unyielding and in themselves fraught,

In fact they are stubborn in the true sense,
Not open to learn, experiment or to any new experience,

And specially if they’re told anything to do,
Be sure a storm it will brew!