My quest for excellence has always driven me,
In school, college or at work I had to be good or it was not for me,

I remember I was pretty good at sports in school,
But not really top class if you go by the rule,
I didn’t like standing third in the podium,
So to excel I chose art as the medium,

I was one of the few who knew what I wanted to pursue,
There were subjects I excelled that I knew,
Same was when it came to career,
I just knew which way to veer,

But now I am at a point,
Where I have a different viewpoint,
Excellence is no more the driving force,
Happiness is what charts out the course,

I now know there are greater things than being fine,
There are other ways in which we can excellence define,
Firsts are not just a position to strive,
They are also the beginnings of much happiness to arrive