I’ve never been the absent-minded kind,
But of late things simply seem to slip my mind,
I walk out of the room,
Only to return shaking my head as I fume,

How can this be happening to me?
How can I be on a forgetting spree?

Is this what age does to you?
Once on top of ATD has now become an issue?

Or is this the outcome of environ?
The lack of competition dulling the siren?

Perhaps it has to do with the situation,
Efficiency been overtaken by compassion,

Now I forget but consider,
Now I fail and tolerate blunder,

I am no more adept,
But far more considerate,
No more quick,
But tolerant of the impolitic,

Is this what age does to you?
Are circumstances the reason for your changed view?

I know for a fact I have bigger things to do,
Doing chores in ‘the correct way’ doesn’t fall in my purview,

Again, this isn’t what age does to you,
It’s just that I have bigger things to do!