I love my time with my flowers,
I spend it with them in the late hours,

It’s nice and quiet then,
And the garden is then my play pen,

The petunias call out to me,
Swaying with the breeze rhythmically,

The pansies are the naughty lot,
With their impish look so I thought,

The dog flower this year I must say,
Is gathering much attention with its spray,

So are the sweet williams,
They are the garden’s pretty lambs,

The gazanias seem to have gone to sleep,
Folded their petals in slumber deep,

The nasturtiums are the new lot,
Bright and young the flower beds fraught,

The calendulas are on their way out,
And I wonder what in their place should sprout,

But what draws me to it everyday,
Is the lily bud in its bay,
Every day I wait for it to bloom,
To grace our garden with its plume,
But I guess I have to wait longer,
For it to blossom and quench my hunger