We wait for my lil girl’s therapist to come home,
Today is different from other days in the past,
Today a waft of scrumptuous aroma the house did comb,
Today animated chatter from below did blast,

Today is a full house,
That’s the way my girl likes it,
The chitter chatter, tinker tanker all help to rouse,
My little girl’s latent fighting spirit,

Nani’s delicious kheer is brewing,
The whiff of which is very approving,
I detect a smile on my girl’s face,
As she continues to follow CID’s chase,

Somewhere else in the house,
The TV is blaring with politicians grouse,
It must be Nanu watching his news,
So thought my girl as she continued to watch closely for her mystery clues,

As I soak in the scene,
I am more convinced that humans are social beings,
No matter how much gadgets intervene,
It is one human’s interaction with another that is vital for the growth of the being