The competitive drive has always been strong in me,
If I wasn’t good in something I’d rather let it be,
I had to excel in it,
If not I would rather sit,

I remember I was not bad in sports,
But never that good to always win in the courts,
I was not happy just to participate,
I wanted to win the golden plate,

I wanted to be on top of things,
Top in class and soar with wings,

I tried to push my baby too,
Not rest on laurels but strive for breakthrough,

But she was, in fact is, a different breed,
Who is content and happy indeed,

Her approach is just to learn,
Not necessarily in excellence yearn,
She is content to just know and use,
Not necessarily be a victim of competitive abuse,

She is not aggressive but a pillar of quiet strength,
She reminds me so much of the green grass of mild length,
Which sways with the wind,
But stands steadfast in the whirlwind