Eight years have gone by,
When we were left high and dry,
Today was the baneful day,
When motionless on the road my baby lay,

The day, rather the night is still vivid in my mind,
I just can’t seem to leave that day’s visuals behind,

I remember clearly the scene in the emergency ward,
Something in me intuitively pulled a dismay cord,

While the others cried out in pain,
My baby lay silent, lifeless, the color from her seemed to drain,

Then they told us to go out and wait,
While doctors, nurses tried to resuscitate,

I had only seen such things in the movies,
And this happening to my baby was beyond my abilities,
I actually felt the floor beneath me give way,
And my knees buckled at the doorway,

They kept trying to revive her with the iron like machine,
And as the seconds ticked my pulses seemed to wean,

Then the first CT scan,
Didn’t give more than the night for her lifespan,

But that was then,
My baby’s come a long way since then,

She is strong,
She is gentle,
She is persistent and will prove her mettle