School has resumed after a long time,
Many would think oh no back to the grime,
But not my baby,
School is where she’s most happy,

For us too school sets a routine,
No dilly dallying in the morning to be seen,
It sets a momentum in our lazy bones,
And an energy permeates in all the zones,

Alas, but this is her last year in school,
What will we do without this schedule?
While most of my friends worry about college,
We cannot be on the same page,

What if, is a question that oft crosses my mind,
What if these challenges did not our baby bind?
What if our baby like her friends had been?
Which are the colleges we like her to be seen?

I know for the US she would make a run,
It’s held her fancy since she was a little bun,
Now that her cousin would be there,
There’s no other place that she would care,

But then she’s also swayed by her peers,
Which teen is any different my dears?
So who knows where she’d finally be,
Which leads me back to what if from these challenges she was free…