It’s been a long time,
A very very long time,
Since I threaded the needle,
Since I took hold of the bridle,

And when you do thread the needle,
You’ll be amazed at what you can wheedle,
Beautiful, intricate work of art,
Or simply bold vibrant colors impart,

This time as I sat there doing the stem stitch,
I recalled Sr Williams stern look at any glitch,

Every stitch had to be of equal size,
Lined evenly with even fall and rise,

I remember her always turning the cloth,
Any glitch there and face her wrath,
No knots please she would emphasize,
The front and back should be likewise,

My attempt after all these years,
Was a far cry from the yesteryears,

My needlework didn’t align to the dots,
The backside was worse and full of knots,
I struggled to thread the needle,
Most of the times my thumbs I’d just tweedle,

My needlework was a true mirror image of me,
Struggling to thread and embroider effortlessly…