Last week I received one of the best gifts of my life,
It enthused a fresh spirit to my otherwise sagging midlife,

And what you might guess was my precious gift?
What was it that made my tame life lift?

It was a surprise visit from my dear dear friend from school,
Would you believe it after thirty years I was meeting this jewel?

Did I mention a surprise visit?
Well that was the intention but I was the dampener in it,
I wasn’t the only culprit,
My lil one had the beans spilt,

So when my friend did land up at my gate,
The surprise was more on her plate,
All the reactions she had envisioned,
Fizzled away as she stood disillusioned,
But from then on how the time flew,
And how two days went by no one knew,

It was as if school had just reopened,
And we were meeting after the holidays end,

We went yap yap yap all day long,
Till a call from another school friend came along,

She sounded urgent so I asked what was wrong,
She asked about Sarita if she had come along,

Then we realized what we had done,
We were so busy we forgot to inform anyone,
And when she checked her phone,
The number of missed calls made her moan,

Well a lil reckless behaviour is admissible,
Afterall meeting after 30 years makes it justifiable,

My friend, my dear friend was just the same,
She looked the same, talked the same,
Warm, spontaneous, not at all tame,
Most importantly she WAS the same!

Thank you girl for making that call,
Thank you for flying all the way, I sure had a ball