Last week was a St. Helen’s week,
And into our school days everyone had a peek,

Like any other day we were going about our chores,
My baby struggling to find strength as she balanced on her fours,

Suddenly a somewhat familiar face walked by,
Wheeling his mother and a frail lady nearby,

Could that be Sir Gupta by any chance,?
I called out to him taking a chance,
Sure enough he and the lady turned around,
And their familiar looks left me astound,

They were Sir and Miss Gupta from school,
Excellent teachers who were very cool,

I advanced towards them grinning with glee,
But confusion on their face I could clearly see,

Of course they couldn’t recognize me at all,
After all I had turned into this big ball,
Even when I told them my name,
They found it hard to believe this person and the name were the same!