Like I said my friend was just the same,
Thirty years gone by and she would still fit in the same frame,

But the same wasn’t true for me,
She said not only had I got bigger but there were other changes she could see,

For instance, my voice had changed,
Now towards the husky it ranged,
I have no complaints about it because back in school I was squeaky I admit,

She also said I spoke more deliberately and slow,
Now I worry could I have lost the fluency and flow?

She was still the poised and in command,
You could see it in how she sat or the way she did stand,
Her choice of films was realistic and brainy,
Unlike me who also enjoyed the frothy and frilly,

I could imagine her home,
Of prim and proper it would be epitome,
All the things kept neatly in its place,
Organic artful knick knacks filling the space,

Talking of organic reminds me,
The custodian of organic health benefits is she,
No packaged/processed food says she,
What would she say when she learns of my love for ghee?

Yes different as in chalk and cheese,
We were like on a hot day a cool breeze,
I envious of her slim fare,
And she of my fluffy hair!