Have you ever sat by a children’s playground?
Have you ever had your ears reverberating with their shrill sound?
How carefree and blithe they sound,
As they run and jump around,

I wish I could turn back the clock,
Be the truant child around the block,
Laugh and giggle as I stumble along,
Erase the responsibilities as to me they don’t belong,

When children run they don’t run away,
They run free as they prance and play,

Why is it then when we run, we run away?
We run from load and we run from fray,

I wish I could shout again,
Shout and scream as children deign,
As they clown and dance in vain,
I wish I could shout away my bane,

I’m not here to air my blight,
But am totally taken up by my sight,
As I sit by the children’s playground,
And soak in the playful banter of their sound