The other day I was playing guardian to my friend’s children,
So I called them up in the morning and that’s when,
That’s when I noticed my baby’s expression,
Shrouded in anguish, despair and exclusion,

I thought she would be happy to hear her friend’s voice,
I thought including her in the talk would make her rejoice,

But I wasn’t prepared for what her friend had to say,
She said she was with her friends bound the Delhi way,

Instinctively I glanced my baby’s way,
And the look on her face had everything she wanted to say,

If only she could stand on her feet,
I know with her friends she’d be gallivanting the street,

She wasn’t the kind to stay indoors,
And she felt bound at her toes,

If only she was like before,
She’d always have one foot out of the door,

As I watched her face pale with sadness,
I wished I hadn’t turned on the speakers and increased her aloneness