This year we had a cheat Puja celebration,
No dressing up, no pandal visitation,
However, we could not keep the festive urge down for too long,
And we cruised through the nearby pandal where the crowd did throng,

As we dawdled through the increasing crowd,
We peered out for a glimpse of the idols that the surging people enshroud,

The idols wore a pretty look,
Adorned in fetching gear, they seemed straight out of a picture book,

But what caught our attention were the people about,
All dolled up they did their finery tout,

Each draped in their fanciest sari,
They ambled around gossiping without a worry,

The streets were lined up with mouth watering eateries,
I was tempted to join in the revelries,
But the swarming flock dissuaded me, discouraged me from tasting the savories,

Also I wasn’t dressed for the occasion,
Next year I’ll be better prepared for the celebration