Life’s first chapter is drawing to a close,
Then they all will be gone on the paths they chose,
A million thoughts run through their minds,
Mostly eager ones, the inquisitive, big eyed kinds,

Sometime next month has been scheduled for their farewell,
Fourteen years in school where they did dwell,
Now all of this was going to end,
A new chapter in their lives was about to be penned,

Excitement pervades the air around,
Some preparing to be outward bound,
Some keen to be on home ground,

Will it be the professional course,
Or in some research the answers source?

But all this for later stalled,
Now it’s about the farewell party the kids are enthralled,

What will they wear?
Will the boys in their blazer flaunt their flair?
Or will they turn up in suits proper,
Look all suave and dapper?

I know the girls are on a high,
My little one her outfit yet to ratify,
She’s screened at least a hundred of them,
But she’s yet to zero in on her gem,

It’s so endearing to see her like this,
All wrapped up in her buzz and bliss,

I hope the evening turns out just as much fun,
And the future prospects of her friends don’t make her feel undone