My baby was unwell for a while,
Down with cough and cold, was from the world in exile,

We stayed indoors for most part,
Huddled beneath the layers of blankets our days’ schedule we did chart,

It was TV, TV and more TV,
Indispersed with the numerous cups of tea,

And what did we watch on the tube?
As we drank our cups of tea and our soup?

It was one of my favourite stories,
Etched so vividly in my mind rousing fond memories,

It was the story of a young girl,
A kindred spirit whose life was in a constant whirl,
I am wont to draw a parallel to her life,
At least in the department of unbridled imagination that was rife,

I am yet to get to the part,
When she blossoms into a lovely young lady who is all heart,

Even as my girl is back to her routine,
I still steal moments of the kindred spirit in her spirited teen,
Even if it means in the wee hours of the night,
I meet Anne of Green Gables who is ever so bright!