I love fresh flower arrangements in the parlour,
How nicely they lift the room’s otherwise pallor,

Of late, pretty daffodils adorn the centre stage,
With their dainty display and fragrant ardor visitors engage,

Of late, I have little time for such things,
To dwell upon the finer things that life brings,
I’m so caught up in getting the basics right,
That I’m inert to things beautiful and bright,

There was a time when I was quite fastidious you’d say,
I’d spend hours on drapes, linen and decor perse,

Now I wonder was that frivolous?
What does it matter if things around you are a bit rambunctious?

I have bigger things to do,
More important, more fundamental things to pursue,
The joys these things bring to you,
Are far greater than the earlier chores you ran through