It’s been a while since I’ve indulged myself,
And I just couldn’t resist the crispy yellow puffs on the shelf,

I let go of my firm resolve,
As I felt the fluffy layers in my mouth dissolve,

Oooh it felt so heavenly,
As my tongue maneuvered through the flakes adeptly,

Light, crispy on the outside,
Soft and delectable inside,

As my teeth sunk into each bite,
I was reminded of my friend who was here at this very site,

I remember she mentioned she loved this thing,
Only that time it was over by the time we made it to that wing,

These are one of the best I’ve had by far,
They could raise any confectionery’s bar,

I just wish I could’ve made my dear friend taste,
Let this scrumptious, divine thing her lips baste