The Corona virus is definitely a lesson,
It’s an eye opener for divides to lessen,

It is a lesson to slow down in life,
Not be in the rat race and spend quality time with your wife,

It is a lesson to go back to your basics,
All this technology I think is disrupting life’s dynamics,

We should rely less on others to do our work,
Be self sufficient and from household chores not shirk,

We should have lesser buildings,
More open space in our surroundings,

Medical advancement is alright,
But crowding of space does not seem right,

What with our need for more than one car,
When the consequences of pollution are well known near and far,

Corona has confined us to our homes,
Away from the madness and this new age chromosomes,

No rush,
No cars,
With pollution no brush,

No crowd,
No jostling,
Only love amongst your loved ones enshroud,

Let’s get back to a couple of decades ago,
When simplicity and warmth was what life bore