There is this girl I know,
Who’s all heart and more,
When you first meet her,
She’s all breezy and myrhh,

Perhaps that’s the essence of her,
Spreading fragrance not creating a stir,
Let her linger and watch her wipe the blur,
And beneath you’ll discover she’s quite the frotteur,

Who would’ve known her life was fraught,
Fraught with anguish and distraught,
Who would’ve known the nature of her plight,
After all she put up such an exemplary fight,

Even with the very fabric of her life in tatters,
She was still fresh, fragrant but resilient in matters,
She practiced inclusiveness when many of us had not even heard the word,
She was all encompassing, effortless truly a rare bird,

There was no trace of cynicism,
No harshness or skepticism,
Like I said before she’s all heart,
Soft but strong, indeed a class apart…