Our Holi this time was not the same,
There were no colours, no squirting, no squealing, ’twas rather tame,
And no it wasn’t the Corona by virus to blame,
Rather the absence of our partners in crime that was to blame,

Our neighbors have left for another city,
Which is such a pity,
With them around, our Holi was so much fun,
So much masti with the water gun,

This year Laddu’s masis also gave Holi a miss,
They are the reason for my lil one’s bliss,
Without them my girl was pretty bored,
Tried my best to entertain but I don’t think I scored,

We spent a lazy day,
Chomping on gujias as others danced away,

I hope next year we are back to our previous Holi days,
Of colours, music and wayward ways…