Of late I’ve been twiddling my thumb,
Browsing inane things, my mind’s numb,
I don’t know what I seek,
Scanning endless posts week after week,

I need to engage myself in more constructive ways,
And please no household chores to fill in for this malaise,

I want to engage with things of the intellect,
And I don’t mean of the emotional connect,
I want to be up and about,
Be sharp and witty without a doubt,

I want to interact with people unknown,
Meet deadlines and reach a milestone,
I want to make a winning pitch,
Draw up a proposal and the deal clinch,
I want to be in meetings and concalls,
Drawing up project roadmaps to attract eyeballs,

I want to celebrate a project completion,
Feel the rush of successful completion,
I want to gear up for the next in line,
Doing my homework and the team assign,
I want to feel being of some use,
Not just flit on social media to amuse