Today, nine years ago,
We received a terrible terrible blow,
Our lives changed forever,
And a part of us we had to sever,

I still remember that phone call,
Like in the novels, they say, chilling call,
I knew at that very moment,
It was something I would forever lament,

But I have a guardian angel by my side,
She gives me strength for all hardships to override,
She fills my life with joy,
With laughter and reason to enjoy,

But I am unable to give back her life,
I try but it cuts like a knife,
I want her to dance and jump around,
Not to her chair be bound,
I want her to scream and shout aloud,
Play with her friends in the playground,

I want to give back her life,
Remove her pain and her strife,

I want to be a fairy to her,
Wave my wand and restore her,

I hope that day is not far away,
When in her progress she makes a headway