With the ball he loves to play,
Dribbling past defenders, his opponents he does slay,
Despite not being very tall,
He scores a header with the ball,

On or off the field he loves to play,
Using his charm he paved his life’s way,
Taking big strides in unknown territory,
He was quite the pioneer of the gentry,

He certainly had the gift of the gab,
Could add spark to all things drab,
He loved all things fine,
Clothes, place and where to dine,

I liked his ageless spirit,
Ageless looks he did inherit,
Loved it when he preened before the mirror,
Adjusted his hair, awww so dear,

So, now when I see him struggle,
Between his mind and body toggle,
When I see his spirit aging,
Along with his body waning,
I want time to stop,
I want him not to give up,

I want you to be your jolly self dad,
Even if you are vain and boastful, I’ll be glad