Let’s coin a new name for the forties,
Shall we call it the fulfilling forties?
Fulfilling, I say, because our kids are all grown up, well almost,
And stationed at their respective post,

We can also call it fortifying forties,
Fortifying relationships on the back burner for centuries,

One such was the friendships we built in school,
Friends with whom we partnered to break many a rule,
Friends with whom we grew up,
Friends who taught us not to give up,

So when we had this call today,
I was completely blown away,
To see all of us converge,
In some gossip to submerge,

There were five of us,
And we talked about everything, including menopause,
It was nice to see everyone grown up,
Each comfortable in their setup,

Sinha looked as pretty as ever,
Every bit a live wire, a beaver,
Quite the opposite was Lohia,
Comfortably sprawled and steeped in nostalgia,
Then there was Todi, now Poddar,
A reflection of the tranquil avatar,
Looks certainly defy Sarita,
No hint of excess emotion, not even an iota,
But we all know the zeal within,
After all we are friends of hers from the beginning!