In the morning, while getting ready, the comb did fall,
Instantly, I thought a visitor might call,
Sometime in the day, while eating, my lips I pursed,
Instantly, I thought I was being cursed,

What is it with us?
Why do we react thus?

In fact, when I reflect,
A reason is defined for life’s every aspect,

Take for example, you want to go out,
Instantly, you hear someone shout,
Don’t go out now,
Wait a while, only then I will allow,
Why, because a black cat crossed your path,
And you must wait to avoid lady luck’s wrath,

Talking of luck, did you know?
Twitching of the eye might be irksome, lucky though,

And if you want to protect your child from the evil eye,
Remember to smear kohl in the eye,
You could also put a black spot,
You would’ve seen many a child with a black dot,

Only, if only all this worked,
No bad luck would have lurked