Can I still call her my lil one?
Laddu or cherry bun?
Can I still pinch her cheek?
Cuddle up to her without any critique?

She gives me the disapproving look,
As if to say I need to change my outlook,

After all she’s now a young adult,
For everything doesn’t need me to consult,
She has that glint in her eye,
As if riding on a new high,

She wants her mails to lose the care of,
She feels for these things she’s above,
And why not, she’s eighteen now,
Even the Government to vote does allow,

She wants of the forbidden drink a sip,
But I cannot allow for this trip,
She relents unwillingly,
But I stand firm in my servility,

She makes it clear she wants her space,
Adulthood she’s ready to embrace,

I look at her,
Smile at the young adult connoisseur,
I smile at her earnestness,
Her ardor full of sweetness,
And in her fervour I detect,
Her childlikeness effect!